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Founded by Ramey Kemp in 1992, RKA is a top-tier transportation consulting corporation focused on building a depth of expertise and a culture of collaboration and ownership. As an award-winning firm, RKA imagines a limitless future through our transportation expertise. We are driven to deliver exceptional experiences for our clients and specialize in working with them to support long-term community growth, improve the local quality of life, and make transportation accessible and safe for everyone.

RKA currently has six offices and is expected to significantly grow as it expands its M&A strategy and organic growth through the addition of talented staff. RKA President, Stephen Greene, PE, will report into the Trilon Transportation Executive Team. Moving forward, RKA’s staff will continue to work in their respective roles with a focus on providing excellent service to its clients.

In June of 2022, RKA announced its partnership with Trilon Group, serving as a critical part of their National Transportation platform within the family of infrastructure-focused businesses. RKA continues operating as an independent brand within Trilon and serves clients with its existing management, internal structure, and proven processes.

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What markets are served by the Trilon Family companies?

The Trilon Family serves the following markets: Transportation (Surface (Streets, Highway, Bridge, Active), Transit (Bus, Mass, Light Rail, Ferry), Goods Movement (Ports, Rail, Intermodal), Air, Water (Catchment, Stormwater, Wastewater, Water Supply), Energy (Generation, Storage, Transmission, Distribution, Efficiency), Community (Education, Health, Parks, Open Space, Municipal Buildings), Commercial (Retail, Commercial, Industrial, Manufacturing), Residential (Mixed Use, Master planned Community, General Residential), and Disaster Recovery (FEMA, Disaster Response, funded).

What services are offered throughout the Trilon Family partners?

The Trilon Family offers services as follows: Strategic Services (Planning, Grant Writing, Asset Management, Community Engagement, ESG, RoW, Program Management); Survey/GIS (Survey, Utility Location, GIS, Drone, LiDAR, SUE); Design (Architectural, Landscape, Concept); Engineering (Geotechnical, Civil, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical); Environmental (Terrestrial, Marine, Ecological, Human Health, Restoration, Rehabilitation, Cultural); Field Services (Inspection, Testing, Sampling, Condition Assessment); Construction (Construction Management, Construction Supervision, Owners Representative); Operations (Staff Augmentation, Operations and Maintenance); and ESG (Social Equity, Economic development, Resiliency, Sustainability, Safety).

What clients would benefit from working with the Trilon Family?

The Trilon Family is dedicated to serving both Public (Federal, State, & Municipal) and Private (Contractor, Infrastructure Consultants, Utility, Community, Commercial, Retail, Industrial, & Residential).

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