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    Project Overview

    As part of NCDOT’s Statewide Bridge Replacement program RKA was selected to provide planning and design efforts to replace four bridges in Stokes County, NC. The bridges include:

    • Bridge No. 11 on SR 1166 (YMCA Camp Road) over East Prong Little Yadkin River
    • Bridge No. 58 on US 311 over UT to Dan River
    • Bridge No. 98 on SR 1945 (Rosebud Road) over Voss Creek
    • Bridge No. 119 on SR 1636 (Buffalo Road) over Big Beaver Island Creek
    Stokes County, NC
    North Carolina Department of Transportation
    Project Features
    • NEPA/SEPA Documentation
    • Bridge Design
    • Roadway Design
    • Traffic Operations
    • Utlilty Coordination
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